Thursday, 30 June 2011

Trevor, again

After a morning of wandering enjoying Llangollen and the River Dee it was time to do a bit of shopping. Llangollen is very 'touristy' but if you manage to look beyond that it is quite a nice place. At least it has managed to hang on to a few 'real' shops, very good butcher and greengrocer. Also an interesting deli. Not all boring shopping, nice new pair of earrings for me! After that it was time to start heading back to Trevor as our 48 hours was up.

Apart from having to go up to the basin to turn round the return journey was faster as the Llangollen Canal, being fed from the River Dee, has quite a fast flow on it. Apart from the minor interest of helping another boater who had run aground and nearly having a head on collision at a blind bend through a bridge we had a restful journey in watery sunshine. We were soon back at Trevor moored next to Kathy again.

We now have a quiet week of boring stuff like washing and maintenance before we head down the Montgomery Canal. We may head up to the Whitehouse Tunnel at the weekend.

Today's journey 4.7 miles

So far this year we have travelled 177.7 miles, 115 locks, 21 lift bridges and 3 tunnels.

Since Ray retired we have travelled 916.1 miles, 760 locks, 55 swing bridges, 25 lift bridges and 28 tunnels

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