Tuesday, 7 June 2011

There and Back Again (apologies to Tolkein)

Okay, so the title wasn't original but that is what we did yesterday.

We left our moorings late morning, got about 300 yards and had to stop because the weed filter was clogged and so the engine started to overheat. If I haven't mentioned it before our engine takes water from the canal to circulate round the engine to cool it then spits it back out into the canal, in the circuit is a weed filter, need I say more? The filter was block with grass cutting, water plants and mud, lovely!! Ray managed to clear it, mostly, but the water flow still wasn't as good as we normally expect. We managed the mile and a half, past the landscape of oil storage depots and refineries, up to the Boat Museum at Ellesmere Port, where we turned round and moored for a spot of lunch.

We didn't visit the museum as we were there only a few weeks ago at Easter. It is good to see so many old boats that have been 'rescued' but sad to see the state of some of them. At Easter there were also a lot of working boats visiting. It does give me and excuse to put some of my photos on here.

Gifford moored at Ellesmere Port

Unidentified Narrowboat negotiating Whitby Locks

Mossdale, in need of repair?

After lunch Ray had another look at the weed filter and removed a two foot length of canal weed that was partially blocking the pipe.

Then it was time to head back towards Chester, the weather was "changeable", sunshine one minute, then rain and even hailstones at one point. We moored for the night about half a mile before the Northgate Locks. Tomorrow I have to go into Chester again to change my mobile phone contract which I couldn't do until after Monday. We may complete our walk round the city walls if the weather is good. Depending on what we decide to do, we may overnight in Chester or we may start heading back towards Nantwich.

Today's journey 9.2 miles.

This year we have travelled 94.5 miles, 76 locks and 13 lift bridges.

Since Ray retired we have travelled 832.9 miles, 721 locks, 55 swing bridges, 17 lift bridges and 25 tunnels.

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