Sunday, 3 July 2011

A little bit further

Yesterday we moved from Trevor down to the Whitehouse Tunnel. I think I probably walked further than I cruised as I was dispatched to take photos of the boats going over the aqueduct. Whilst waiting for Ray and Kathy to go across I spotted this boat and awarded the"Idiot of the Week" to the person standing on the gunnel. Standing on a five inch wide ledge, holding on with one hand, the other hand in your pocket with only an approximately eight inch wide metal edge between yourself and a 126 foot drop onto the rocks and the River Dee below you is just plain stupid. Even the most experienced boaters get caught by gusts of wind crossing the aqueduct and it just takes one bump!

Ray and Kathy made their way sensibly across.


Ray with Morgana and Merlin

Kathy with Destiny

We aren't planning on travelling very far this week as Kathy has a busy week with family and friends and the weather forecast is lousy, so it will probably be at least Saturday before we go down onto the Montgomery Canal even though it is less than a day's journey

Yesterday's journey 2 miles and 1 lift bridge

So far this year we have travelled 179.7 miles, 115 locks, 22 lift bridges and 3 tunnels

Since Ray retired we have travelled 918.1 miles, 760 locks, 55 swing bridges, 26 lift bridges and 28 tunnels

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