Sunday, 5 June 2011

Heading for Ellesmere Port

We have spent some time in Chester enjoying the sunshine (and showers). We walked most of the way round the city walls, we would have probably done the full circuit but my knee was aching and we were both getting hungry! The cats were feeling a bit "stir-crazy" as we had to keep them in so after a pleasant couple of days in Chester sightseeing and shopping it was time to carry on with our journey northwards towards Ellesmere Port today.

We made good time down through the Northgate staircase locks, they are a bit slow to fill and empty as they each only have one paddle. I was surprised how rural a lot of the canal is, I have done the journey by road and I remember it as a lot more urban. I think that the canal is screened from a lot of the housing and industry.  We stopped a little short of Ellesmere Port on the Shropshire Union Canal Society moorings so that we could let the cats have their freedom. They celebrated by catching several voles, two of which they brought on board to play with, still alive!! I was not impressed. We managed to "persuade" them to recapture them and take them back outside.

We indulged in an excellent dinner of 'Lamb and Black' (Welsh lamb stuffed with black pudding) and a nice bottle of red wine. Tomorrow is a day for doing the washing and some more of the painting on the outside of Morgana so we will be here another night. Then it will be down to Ellesmere Port for water, turn round and start heading back.

Today's journey 7.3 miles and 3 locks

This year we have travelled 85.3 miles, 76 locks and 13 lift bridges

Since Ray retired we have travelled 823.7 miles, 721 locks, 55 swing bridges, 17 lift bridges and 25 tunnels.

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