Sunday, 19 June 2011

New territory

Yesterday we strolled into Whitchurch to top up our supplies, there is a butcher there who sells a really good white pudding. Unfortunately my cheap coffee supply at Lidl was closed for refurbishment, we still have a couple of jars so we aren't going to suffer caffeine withdrawal.

We are now travelling previously unexplored (by us) canal. We waited until after the hirers would have returned to base at Viking Afloat before we set off, we didn't want to get caught up with any "racing to get back on time" boats. Like most the days so far the weather looked as if it could do anything so we decided we would go as far as the weather let us without getting wet. As it turned out we could still be cruising now, we had a few black clouds, but no rain. A pleasant day's cruising, if a little chill considering it is June.

A lazy day drifting beside green fields and wooded banks, very calm and peaceful. No locks, just a few lift bridges so an easy day. We eventually moored beside Blake Mere, just short of Ellesmere. A very nice spot, overlooking the lake, the only disadvantage is that there are lots of trees which means not a lot of light on my solar panels. The lack of locks meant I had time to finish the cabin lace I have been working on for the engine room porthole. So I now have a brand new, pristine curtain on the window.

My new cabin lace curtain

Monday is washing day so we will stay here tomorrow, besides that it is rather a nice back garden!

Today's journey 11.2 miles and 5 lift bridges.

So far this year we have travelled 153.1 miles, 113 locks and 20 lift bridges

Since Ray retired we have travelled 891.5 miles, 758 locks, 55 swing bridges, 24 lift bridges and 25 tunnels

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