Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Midsummer's Day

What a contrast to last year! I can remember being up on the Aire and Calder sitting up all night, with our bonfire, watching the glow from the sun move slowly across the horizon between sunset and sunrise. Not this year!

After a day yesterday doing the washing, today we moved on up to Ellesmere where we stopped to check out the local services. we didn't need much except for potatoes but it is always worth knowing what is available if you need it. Whilst checking out the town we got absolutely soaked, then it was back to the boat for a spot of lunch before we moved on, topping up with water on the way as our tank was severely depleted after the washing and a bath last night.

The sky continued to be black and threatening so we only moved a short distance out into the countryside before mooring up. Then the rain came down again, then a bit of sunshine then more rain. Any hope of an outdoor celebration of midsummer was out of the question so it was just a brief indoor event with lots of candles and a nice meal.

Today's journey 3.2 miles and 1 tunnel

So far this year we have travelled 156.3 miles, 113 locks, 20 lift bridges and 1 tunnel

Since Ray retired we have travelled 894.7 miles, 758 locks, 55 swing bridges, 24 lift bridges and 26 tunnels

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