Saturday, 11 September 2010

She who speaks to cows.

Thursday saw us travelling down from Kinver to a spot between Kidderminster and Stourport. Anyone travelling on the Staffs and Worcester who needs to shop can probably get just about anything they need canalside in Kidderminster, there are two retail parks, one above and one below the lock. We only stopped to grab a couple of bits from Tesco then carried on. We found a nice peaceful mooring for the night where the kittens could be let out to play. That was until about seven, then the cows started!  After about ten minutes I had had enough, so I shouted "Shut up you noisy cows!", much to Ray's surprise they did!  I have now been renamed "She who speaks to cows".

On Friday we moved on to Stourport in wind and rain, neither of us fancied tackling the River Severn in 20 mph gusts so we stopped above the locks. Today was equally wet and windy so meeting up with Keith and Leesa this weekend is cancelled, or rather postponed to next weekend. We have found what looks like a good pub at Haw Bridge so that is where we are heading. It's a few miles north of Gloucester and we have seven days to do a three day journey, but as the weather forecast is a bit dodgy that is a good thing.

The plan for tomorrow is to head down to Worcester and spend a couple of days there.

Thursday's journey 8.2 miles, 7 locks and 1 tunnel

Friday's journey 1.8 miles

So far we have travelled 622.4 miles, 547 locks, 53 swing bridges, 4 lift bridges and 17 tunnels

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