Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Lots of locks

There are eighty locks between where we moored at Worcester last night and the junction with the Shroppie Union. today I worked through fourteen of them, only sixty-six to go!

The route out of Worcester is relatively inoffensive, although it is mostly through housing and industry the canal is mostly screened by trees so feels quite rural. Today was a good day for foraging, while we were travelling we picked up two largish branches and a pallet, to be chopped up for firewood and also about a pound of blackberries. Once we had moored at Tibberton we went for a walk and collected another couple of pounds of blackberries, a pound of sloes, half a pound of rosehips and about a pound of elderberries. The rosehips and elderberries will need adding to before we turn them into wine or syrup but we have enough blackberries for crumble and blackberry vodka and enough sloes for sloe gin. I could have had about a pound of mushrooms as well but as I already had over half a pound left from some a bought in Tewkesbury it seemed wasteful so I left them.

Tonight we are moored at Tibberton with the prospect of another twelve locks tomorrow and the thirty locks of the Tardebigge flight to look forward to on Thursday.

Today's journey 5.5 miles and 14 locks

So far we have travelled 679.7 miles, 575 locks, 53 swing bridges, 4 lift bridges and 17 tunnels

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