Friday, 17 September 2010

Avon Calling

This morning the river level had gone down enough for the locks to be reopened so we set off for Upton-on Severn. Only a short run, of twelve miles and one lock. It was a bit chilly when the sun hid behind clouds but apart from that a pleasant morning. I spotted another two kingfishers and several herons as we travelled. However, our plans to stop at Upton were scuppered by the fact that the mooring pontoon was already full with boats breasted up. As we were not desperate to stop we decided to carry on to the River Avon junction at Tewkesbury, which is where we are now moored below the lock.

The lock keeper's hut has a line on the wall, above head height for me, which shows the level of the flood water in 2007. When you remember that this is on the lockside and the lock is about 8ft deep, that makes the flood water about 14ft above the river where we are now! I had a look online at some of the photos of the 2007 floods, as I can now identify places.

We took a stroll through town and had a wander around the Abbey. We only have about an hour's journey tomorrow to reach where we plan to meet Keith and Leesa.

Today's journey 17.8 miles and 1 lock.

So far we have travelled 652.1 miles, 556 locks, 53 swing bridges, 4 lift bridges and 17 tunnels.

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