Thursday, 16 September 2010

River closed

We were going to move downstream to Upton-on-Severn today but the river is officially closed!
We had stayed on the river as the park-keeper in charge of the moorings told us the 48 hour restriction only applies in peak season. So we decided not to move onto the canal.

I didn't think it had rained that much but I woke at about five this morning and the boat was tilting, only very slightly but enough for me to notice. Being sensible people we are aware that rivers are subject to sudden changes in level so we had moored with fairly slack ropes. However the river levels had risen nearly two foot in just over 12 hours! So there I was, at five in the morning, in my dressing gown, on the landing stage slackening ropes! Ray was a picture of sartorial elegance in t-shirt,boxers and bare feet as he assisted me.

As we watched the river level rise until it was washing over the landing stage, and saw fallen branches cruise past us we decided that moving was not an option. We later discovered that the river is officially closed and in flood conditions. We did see a couple of hire boats, breasted up, being taken to the safe haven of the canal by crew from the hire company. It will probably take about 24 hours for the levels to drop enough for them to reopen the river. Although the level is already dropping. This evening we were entertained by the dragon boat crews training on the river, obviously "river closed" doesn't apply to dragon boats.

However before all that happened we spent a pleasant day on Wednesday sightseeing in Worcester.

Worcester Cathedral

The West Entrance

The West Window

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