Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Carrying on upwards

Today's promised sunshine never really appeared, although it was quite warm.

We spent the morning following about half an hour behind the hotel boat "Periwinkle" up through the six Astwood Locks. With no traffic coming down it meant all the locks were against us. However, they stopped for lunch at Stoke Prior and we passed them before the six Stoke Prior locks. We managed the six in excellent time, partly because they were so close behind they were happy for me to go ahead and prepare the next lock while one of them closed up behind Ray. I discovered at the top lock that they had a taxi booked for their guests to go to the Avoncroft museum so they were anxious to make good time.

We are faced with the Tardebigge flight tomorrow, thirty locks spread over about two and a half miles. At the moment the locks are with us, so I reckon an early start is called for so we are the first boat through.

Today's journey 7.8 miles, 12 locks and 1 tunnel.

So far we have travelled 687.5 miles, 587 locks, 53 swing bridges, 4 lift bridges and 18 tunnels.

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