Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Toddling to Todmorden

The plan for today was to head down to Walsden and Grandma Pollard's Chippy as recommended by brother Gordon and most other available sources. It is right by the canal and you can moor virtually outside. We had the usual problems of stiff paddle gear with the locks but made fairly good time. If I hadn't known it was a bank holiday and half-term week I would have guessed, we met three hire boats that were going up towards the summit. We made it to Walsden by about one o'clock and decided that we would have fish and chips for lunch and then carry on to Todmorden. The weather forecast for tomorrow isn't very good so getting as much cruising in today as we could seemed like a good idea. The chippy lived up to it's reputation, excellent fish and chips, it also sells cakes so I treated everyone to a cake each. The kids managed to eat theirs but the rest of us saved ours to have with a cuppa later. I don't think any of us had anything much to eat tonight.

Chris and Ray probably had the hardest job between Walsden and Todmorden as they went off together but with no crew so they were having to climb the lock ladders at each lock. Kathy, Kaia, Scott and I brought up the rear, occasionally going forward to lend a hand when we caught up with the other two. We moored up by The Golden Lion in Todmorden, went for a walk, then spent much of the evening playing a card game called Skip-Bo.

Todmorden looks quite interesting, not sure what the weather is going to do tomorrow. We have decided to have a bit of a wander and then if it isn't raining we may carry on a bit further. I must get in the habit of taking my little camera with me, I keep missing photos because my new camera is too bulky and too expensive to risk when I'm working the locks.

Today's journey 3.2 miles and 17 locks.
So far we have travelled 277.6 miles, 306 locks, 12 swing bridges, 4 lift bridges and 7 tunnels.

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