Friday, 11 June 2010

Busy doing nothing

We have spent the past week doing not a lot. Kathy, Kaia, Scott and Chris have headed back into Manchester aboard Destiny with Foxy Lady in tow and we are waiting for Chris to get back to us before we head off towards Leeds. Hebden Bridge is nice enough but after a week and a bit there isn't a lot to do. We took a trip into Halifax yesterday, not that exciting but something different to do. The rest of the time it has been the usual round of catching up on the washing and general fiddling.

We experienced our first real act of stupidity last Saturday night (before Kathy etc headed back), some idiot thought it would be fun to pull the pins on Destiny and Almyne and set them adrift.  Almyne stayed where she was but Destiny ended up about 300 yards further down the cut. I am understandably reluctant to leave Morgana unattended overnight while we are here. Chris should be back with us by Monday at the latest unless they encounter any problems so I will have to get stocked up ready for our next bit of travelling.

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