Monday, 31 May 2010

Over the Top

Woke up early this morning and realised the boat didn't rock at all, we were aground. Leakage during the night had lowered the water level and meant we had settled on the bottom. I went for a walk and let some more water down from Lock 42. Above Lock 41 there wasn't any! Just in case anyone thought I was exaggerating when I said there was no water here are some photos.

Between Locks 41 & 40, the tyre isn't floating!

Lock 40

Between Locks 40 & 39
The white topped posts on the left are the mooring bollards to tie the boats to while preparing the lock! The problem isn't so much lack of water for the canal, although the reservoir is a bit low, it is that mining subsidence means this section leaks like a sieve. It didn't take BW very long to let the water through for us but it was a bit scary seeing all the junk we take our boats over. It was very windy today which added to the fun but we were fairly quickly (by narrowboating standards) up and across the summit. The views make it all worthwhile.

Going down at last!

Looking back

Across the border

After crossing the border into Yorkshire we moored up for a well deserved cuppa and biscuits then decided, in view of the wind that we would stop here for the night.

Todays journey 1.6 miles, 8 locks and 1 swing bridge.
So far we have travelled 274.4 miles, 289 locks, 12 swing bridges, 4 lift bridges and 7 tunnels.

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