Thursday, 24 June 2010

Progressing slowly

On Monday we all took a trip into Leeds, I still reckon Leeds market is one of the best there is. I also found a fabulous aromatherapy shop, I can't believe I hadn't seen it before. Chris went up to the LGI to get his hearing aid fixed. then we went back and set up our bonfire.
We had a very special night, sitting by our bonfire, setting the world to rights and singing songs from about forty years ago. It was fantastic to watch the progress of the sun, even when it was 'dark' it wasn't, you could still see the afterglow moving slowly across the sky until it started to get lighter again.

Long before sunrise the sky was beautifully light, the mist was rising off the river and the world was wonderful. The sun rose in a blaze of glory in an almost cloudless sky with the cloud that there was enhancing the golden glow of the sunrise.

After staying up all night to watch the sun rise there was a lack of enthusiasm about moving on to Leeds yesterday. Not from me I might add, a couple of hours sleep and by about eleven I was ready to think about moving. It took Ray and Chris rather longer to recover. So moving to Clarence Dock was postponed until today. It was an easy trip, the locks are all mechanised and it wasn't far. For a built up area Clarence dock looks quite good, especially at night.

Slightly blurred photos due to the long exposure and lack ot tripod, my hands aren't quite steady enough.

We had a lazy afternoon, I went back to the aromatherapy shop, with a list! Apologies  to my bank manager! We didn't need the radio or TV to known what was happening in the football, a group of lads having a World Cup party in one of the flats kept us updated! Tomorrow is the long haul from the centre of Leeds out to Rodley. We are told the water levels are low and BW are restricting traffic so we will set out as soon as they unlock the security locks on Office Lock.

Today's journey 4.2 miles and 3 locks.
So far we have travelled 327.8 miles, 359 locks, 12 swing bridges, 4lift bridges and 9 tunnels.

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