Friday, 8 July 2011

Back to England

Last night Kathy's cat, Molly, gave birth to five kittens. We saw the first three born before we headed off to bed and she had another two overnight.

We headed back into England today, re-tracing our course past Chirk and across the aqueduct. A stop at Chirk Marina for diesel left me soaked to the skin as the glorious summer weather continued (not!) and trying to turn the boat around in the wind to get back out of the marina took three times as long as normal.

Sadly, one of Scott's guinea pigs died today, very sad. It hadn't shown any signs of being ill. We stopped at a pretty spot just before we reached Maestermyn and buried her beside the towpath. We decided to stop here for the night. I'm going to ring BW in the morning to see if we can book to go onto the Montgomery Canal tomorrow lunchtime. It could be fun negotiating the lock flight, only four locks but just three of us to handle the boats and the locks as Scott and Kaia are away for the weekend.

This probably won't appear for a couple of day's as I have no internet signal.

Today's journey 7.5 miles, 2 locks and 2 tunnels

So far this year we have travelled  187.2 miles, 117 locks, 22 lift bridges and 5 tunnels

Since Ray retired we have travelled 925.6 miles, 762 locks, 55 swing bridges, 26 lift bridges and 30 tunnels

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