Thursday, 27 May 2010

Plan B

It was so windy yesterday that it made travelling hard work. Some of the locks on this stretch are too narrow for two boats so we were having to do three fills of the lock to get all of us through. Ray was towing Almyne Too, the tender that is like a mini butty today, he found it easier than towing Scott's little cruiser. We stopped short of Littleborough and then carried on this morning. We are trying to find out from BW when we can cross the summit. It definitely won't be tomorrow because we didn't get our washing done today, and there are 11 locks between here and the top so it won't be Friday either. If BW give us the all clear it could be Saturday but we are still waiting for a call back. We don't want to move up to the summit until we know when we can cross because at least here we have all the facilities.

Unfortunately we will lose Chris and Kathy when we get to about Hebden Bridge, they had thought that Destiny would be able to do the Calder & Hebble and Leeds & Liverpool if Destiny went into the locks alone so she could be angled across the locks but at 62ft plus her fenders she is too long! They are planning to head back down, through Manchester onto the Bridgewater, up towards Liverpool then back and up to Wigan to meet us in a few weeks time.

So it looks like we won't be moving on until at least tomorrow, and only then if we can cross the summit on Saturday.

Yesterday and today's journeys 6.3 miles, 5 locks, 2 swing bridges and 1 tunnel (a very short one).
So far we have travelled 271.9 miles, 275 locks, 11 swing bridges, 4 lift bridges and 7 tunnels.

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