Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A bit of a catch up

Well it's been two months since I wrote anything. Life is a bit on hold at the moment, on a three week cycle based on Ray's hospital appointments.

He has chemotherapy at the hospital on Monday of week one, two hours of being hooked up to an IV,  this normally leaves him feeling a bit rough but not too bad. After that he has two weeks of taking pills at home, these have been making him feel a bit nauseous and progressively more tired as the two weeks progress. Then he has a drug free week during which he starts to feel more normal with an oncologist appointment and blood test on the Thursday and the following Monday the cycle begins again.

The treatment has not been as bad as we feared, the worst side affect is hypersensitivity to anything cold, anything even slightly cold is painful to touch so I'm hoping that today's weather forecast threatening eight inches of snow isn't hitting us here.

We haven't been very energetic or productive over the past couple of months but we hope we might be able to do some cruising once the weather warms up a bit. We did make a start on our little bit of garden today while the sun was shining.

Apart from that nothing to report!