Wednesday, 22 July 2009

No News is Good News - mostly

I can't believe it is so long since I posted anything.

We managed to sort out our problem with the starter motor, the nice man who does the MOT on my car told us about a place we could get a reconditioned one.

My bathroom is now mostly tiled, my bath is working and all is well with the world. We need to replace the internal window frame before we finish the tiling. No photos at the moment but will get some done soon.
Work on the boat has been largely interrupted by the necessity to earn some money to pay for more things for the boat! A visit to the grandkids slotted in somewhere along the line as well.

At the moment we are enjoying the strange sensation of being a boat on dry land as Ray is busy blacking the bottom (and himself). While we are out of the water we've got the bolts on the rudder tightened as well which hopefully will improve the way she handles. We also got the boatyard to put in a couple more mushrooms and a new water inlet. The list of things to do still seems very long but I'm just about beginning to believe that we will get everything done by next March and before we run out of money!