Thursday, 7 April 2011

Lurking and Working

It has been ages since I last wrote anything, mainly because I have been busy working. now that census day is over and all my staff are working I will, hopefully, be a bit less frenetic and a bit more administrative.

At long last we are now travelling under our own power, i was going to say steam but that isn't a good word to contemplate with a diesel engine. We did travel a bit further up the Llangollen with Kathy towing us but I was missing seeing the countryside so she dropped us back at Whitchurch where we waited to get the injector pump sorted while she carried on to Ellesmere.

Once the pump had been replaced we found a fuel leak on one of the fuel lines, so had to replace that too. At last the engine was running, then the fan belt broke, luckily we had a spare!

Once everything was sorted we moved down to Grindley Brook, found an oil leak, sorted that (mostly) and then headed down to the top of Hurleston Locks.

On Monday on the way down we met up with Richard aboard "Maid of Fibre", I think that's right, apologies to him if I got it wrong. He was travelling single handed and trying to get to Wheaton Aston by last night. A tall order with all the locks he had to negotiate, especially as he was trying to move his car each evening. Ray, being the kind person that he is, and also being a bit stir crazy after spending so much time on Morgana not going anywhere, offered to crew for him on Tuesday. They managed a very impressive 18.1 miles and 31 locks. I picked them both up from Goldstone Wharf after work, dropped Richard back at his car, and took a very tired Ray home.

We will be staying here for a couple of weeks, then probably move down to Nantwich for the Music Festival over Easter weekend.

Since my last post we have travelled 18.4 miles, 15 locks and 9 lift bridges

This year we have travelled 55.6 miles, 61 locks and 13 lift bridges

Since Ray retired we have travelled 793.9 miles, 703 locks, 55 swing bridges, 17 lift bridges and 25 tunnels