Sunday, 3 August 2014


We have slowly made our way from Birmingham to Rugeley, well just beyond Rugeley actually. We left Camp Hill the day after my last post. The day didn't start well, our departure was delayed because a C&RT work boat was unloading at the yard, I could have asked them to move so we could go through the lock but we were in no rush. Then the water level was so low in the first pound that we had to run water down to get us through, then we got rubbish round the prop! At that point out good friend Ali phoned me to say she was on her way to give us a hand. Once we were clear everything went a lot smoother and the extra help from Ali meant we were quickly down the rest of Camp Hill and Garrison Locks.  We moored part way down Curdworth flight to sit out the horrible weather on Saturday.

The next couple of days took us down through the rest of Curdworth, onto the Coventry up to Fradley to join the Trent and Mersey. then it was through to Rugeley, hang around to get Ray's prescription sorted and do a few small jobs to make sure that Morgana passed the Boat Safety Exam. That is now done and we have just less than three weeks to do a journey that could easily be done in four days.

Since my last post we have traveled 34.4 miles, 28 locks, 1 swing bridge and 2 tunnels

This year we have traveled 195 miles, 176 locks, 2 swing bridges,3 lift bridges and 10 tunnels

In 2013 we traveled 459.1 miles, 434 locks, 7 swing bridges, 15 lift bridges and 31 tunnels

In 2012 we traveled 876.9 miles, 675 locks,  55 swing bridges, 23 lift bridges and 31 tunnels

In 2011 we traveled 461.4 miles, 444 locks, 3 swing bridges, 34 lift bridges and 15 tunnels

During 2010 we traveled 740.3 miles, 642 locks, 53 swing bridges, 4 lift bridges and 25 tunnels

Since Ray retired we have traveled 2742.7 miles, 2376 locks, 120 swing bridges, 79 lift bridges and 113 tunnels

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