Thursday, 15 November 2012

Farewell to Market Harborough

Our planned stock-up shop happened today rather than yesterday, mainly because we found some non-grocery bits and pieces we wanted on yesterday's shopping expedition which meant we couldn't manage the groceries as well. So, this morning, we had another expedition into town to do our grocery shop. We are now well stocked for about a fortnight. That should see us through to Milton Keynes, we will just need the usual fresh bits en route. Ray also picked up my Christmas present which he had ordered from Tesco Direct and was delivered to the local store.

The moorings in Market Harborough are really nice, there isn't a huge amount of traffic along the towpath, mainly dog walkers and nothing to suggest that it is a hangout for the local undesirables. We can't really afford to pay for winter moorings but if we could I might be tempted. There are the full range of services at the end of the arm, a good range of shops in the town, some nice independents and five supermarkets! Lots of choice on price and product range.

Once we got back from shopping we topped up our watertank, emptied the loo, dumped the rubbish and started to make our way back towards Foxton as we had spent our 48 hours on the moorings. As it was getting late we didn't get very far.

Today's journey 1.9 miles

So far this year we have travelled 804.4 miles, 635 locks,  52 swing bridges, 23 lift bridges and 28 tunnels

In 2011 we travelled 461.4 miles, 444 locks, 3 swing bridges, 34 lift bridges and 15 tunnels

During 2010 we travelled 740.3 miles, 642 locks, 53 swing bridges, 4 lift bridges and 25 tunnels

Since Ray retired we have travelled 2006.1 miles, 1721 locks, 108 swing bridges, 61 lift bridges and 68 tunnels

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