Friday, 14 January 2011

It wasn't us - we never touched it!

This week has seen our first cruising of 2011. Our trials and tribulations continued as we developed a diesel leak from the injector pump on the short hop from The Anchor to Goldstone Wharf on Tuesday. Ray tried to resolve the problem on Wednesday intending to carry on towards Market Drayton on Thursday. After trying, unsucessfully, to continue, "the comittee" decided that we would carry on with Destiny towing us. This worked fine and got us as far as Tyrley Top Lock on Thursday where we stopped intending to continue northwards today.

About an hour after we had moored a gentleman in a rowing boat came along and told us there had been a rockfall in the cutting we had just passed through. Hence the title of this post! This has now closed the canal to the south of us for, according to BW, an indefinite period. Apparently there is a risk of further collapse.

None of this really mattered to us as we are past the closure. However, as we attempted to continue, with Kathy towing us, she noticed steam from her engine bay! Her water pump which was only replaced in October had failed! So we are now moored up, Morgana with dodgy injector pump and Destiny with dodgy water pump. Luckily Calcutt Boats who supplied her pump are happy to replace it so we should be able to resolve that problem soon.

This week we have travelled 7.5 miles

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