Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Busy doing nothing!

In the two weeks since my last post we have travelled not very far and done not a lot!

On the Monday after my last post we did a bit of shopping, then moved the boats about three and a half miles north so we were somewhere we could let the kittens roam. We stayed there until Friday and then moved the huge distance of one and a half miles to Brewood. High speed travel that, five miles in five days!

We spent the weekend at Brewood, Kathy and I hopped on the bus to Penkridge for the market on Saturday and Sunday it chucked it down. On Monday (October 4th) we moved to Wheaton Aston where we did the empty loo,and rubbish, fill up with water routine. Most of the time we have been busy doing nothing. Kathy is waiting for Barney to come and fix her exhaust and we have spent a few days away from the boats going to Peterborough to see the Hobbins' and collect my car.

We arrived back yesterday, and so now the search for work begins. Oh dear, summer is really over.

In the past sixteen days we have travelled 8 miles and 1 lock!

So far we have travelled 730.2 miles, 643 locks, 53 swing bridges, 4 lift bridges and 24 tunnels.

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