Monday, 16 August 2010

Doubling back and catching up

Since last Thursday we have, as the title says, been doubling back to meet Kathy and Chris. I now need to do some catching up as I have been very lazy and not blogged.

Thursday was a day for shopping and cleaning, the weather was fairly horrid so I wouldn't have travelled anyway. On Friday we headed back north to the junction with the Shroppie and then up the Shroppie to Brewood.

Brewood is a nice village, well served with shops and pubs, we decided to stay there on Saturday as we were only about three miles from Wheaton Aston where we were meeting the others on Sunday. I recommend the bread from the bakery in Brewood.

Sunday saw us do the three miles and one lock to get to Wheaton Aston. On the way I saw a kingfisher, but didn't have my camera to hand, luckily he was in the same spot when we came back today.

The garage beside the canal at Wheaton Aston has the cheapest diesel I have seen anywhere on the canals, and a pump on the canal side. It was closed on Sunday but we filled up before leaving there today.

Kathy and Chris joined us mid-afternoon and so we spent the rest of the day chatting and catching up on the gossip.

Today we moved on back to the Staffs and Worcester but this time headed north towards Penkridge. Kathy knew a good place to moor with some sugar plum trees nearby, so we will go foraging!

Friday's journey 7.3 miles and 1 lock

Sunday's journey 3 miles and 1 lock

Today's journey 11.4 miles and 2 locks

So far we have travelled 558.8 miles, 495 locks, 53 swing bridges, 4 lift bridges and 15 tunnels.

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