Saturday, 17 July 2010

Bring back summer!

As you will have noticed we haven't moved very far. The weather has been lousy, I know we need the rain but couldn't it rain for half the day and be nice the other half instead of 15 minutes rain, 15 minutes dry, on and off all day. We went to the mining museum on Thursday, it is run by volunteers one chap we were talking to actually worked in the mine before it closed in 1970. Quite interesting, educational too.

Yesterday we moved up to Worsley, not very far but it meant we could all fuel up at the boatyard on the way. The canal here is orange, apparently it is due to iron hydroxide in the water. At the Delph in Worsley there is the entrance to the old underground canal network which linked the Duke of Bridgewater's mines. There were over fifty miles of underground canals but they are all closed off now. I might try and get some photos of the entrance to the tunnels tomorrow. We walked into Worsley to meet Scott's friend Luke who has come to stay for a week and found a pub that only charged £3.49 for their carvery. At that price we decided to eat out! I can recommend the Bridgewater Hotel, Worsley. Excellent value for money. We are still planning to go into Manchester but it will probably not be until Monday.

Yesterday's journey 1.3 miles.

So far we have travelled 429.1 miles, 446 locks, 53 swing bridges, 4 lift bridges and 11 tunnels.

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